Yosemite National Park - USA 2016/17

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 Overlooking Yosemite National Park on Christmas eve, 2016.
This leg of our journey was part of our USA trip during December 2016/January 2017.
My friend Yi and I may have been freezing in the snow (with wet socks and all) but our "hike" around the park was completely worth it! Our only regret was taking a day-trip. We both agreed that next time, we would stay a few nights in small lodge (complete with hot cocoa and fuzzy socks) so that we could take our time to explore Yosemite Valley.
I love how Yosemite is so mountainous, with these colossal rocks rising from the flat forest floor. I think it was a result of volcanic and tectonic activity (I stand to be corrected though)
There are many waterfalls in the area, however we only saw around 2 or 3!
The bus-ride to the park looked like a scene from Narnia.
Valleys dipped in sunshine.

Our bus!
At the lower half of Yosemite Falls
A Yizzle has been spotted!
Yizzle and I.

Quaint little bridge area during golden hour. We wandered to some fairly secluded spots (I think many people were just driving around and keeping out of the snow. Whereas we (being typical Aussies) were like YAY ITS SNOW. WE MUST EXPLORE ON FOOT.)
Giant snow covered areas which I imagine could be perfect for picnics in the summer!

Weekly happenings (eating too much)

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Mary's fried chicken aka probably the best non-Asian fried chicken in Sydney! It is so jooceeey.
Japanese bbq buffet in Bondi

We ate 95% of these mountains of meat between 2 people + sides +two scoops of ice-cream. I kinda disgust myself (but still proud of the effort)
Giant pavlova ice-cream cup from Green Peppercorn.
  1. Booked all accommodation and flights for our Europe trip! Only thing left to do is book the bus ticket (Flix) and then sort out currency issues. I plan to use the Citibank card for ATM withdrawals and organise some Euros to exchange for emergency cash in Russia, Hungary and Austria.
  2. Booked tickets for Hong Kong end of year trip. I haven't visited HK in 5 years, and I think I am due to visit my aunt and uncle! Understandably I am now almost broke (but am super reluctant to touch my savings...I guess I'm just going to have to be frugal over the next 3 months)  
  3. Had a great youthy night with HS friends + new friend last Friday. Naturally the night ended up in MacDonalds and smashing $1 cheeseburgers. It was fab (we descended from Baxters...to Hotstar...to Sanc...then good old Maccas)
  4. Work has very busy...M&A due diligence for 1 week (reviewing contracts is so painful) so had 10hr work days for a week plus worked at home on Friday night until 1am (after a lovely consoling dinner with friends of course). Recently helped out with a capital raising, but felt so out of depth and like I was grasping at straws since I had no idea what was happening but they need everything immediately (we completed it in THREE DAYS...the partner is amazing and so in control). I was being a complete nerd this morning stalking the ASX announcements page to see what was being announced ....
  5. Crap I just remembered I should prepare for my 90 day review/ meeting with my partner. My main problem is: How do I essentially boast and wax lyrical about what I have done for the past 3 months without sounding like a complete arse/uppity idiot???
  6. We have a group end of financial year party tonight. Planning to eat like a horse and drink like a fish. Ok maybe that's a bad idea, but damn am I going to make use of that bar/food tab. Hopefully it turns out ok (it's at QT bar which I have never been). It will be a good time for everyone to unwind, especially my co worker who I was helping out with the DD.
  7. I have been feeling very moody and generally angry in the past week. It seems out of character (i.e. lots of glaring at commuters on the train...being pissed and SEETHING when I had to line up for ages waiting for opal top ups... whacking printers *yes I abuse printers* ) And I get pissed off at the smallest things. I wonder if it because of the implanon since it is far from the time of month... Anyhow it's more likely because of work and money issues all rolling into one, and not sleeping very well despite clocking in at least 7 hours every night.

Barcelona - January 2016

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I travelled to Barcelona with Jane in early January 2016. This was my post-graduation trip and also an extravagant present to myself after 5 long years of struggling through law school.

Our plan was to meet up in Barcelona airport where I would alight from my plane from Sydney, and Jane from her flight from Cairo. From Barcelona we would travel across Spain, into Portugal, to Copenhagen for some quick quality ice-cream (jokes, apparently Copenhagen ice-cream isn't from Copenhagen...what lies) and ending in London.

From what I remember, Barcelona was a real treat - a whirlwind of sangria, rebujitos, Enrique's jamon, shopping in Zara, and (of course) getting rowdy with Gaudi.

Rowdy with Gaudi.


Best sangria ever.
Casa Batllo!


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