Skins of an Orchestra - my copy of Dali

/ Thursday, 9 August 2012 /

 The original Salvador Dali painting.  "Three Young Surrealist Women Holding in their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra".   I've loved lots his work since I was very young (think 12 years old). But at the time, many of the themes were very out of my depth. I really liked this particular painting (plus it wasn't as intricate or as photorealistic as his other works) so I set out to make a copy of it for my room.

My final version. I decided to not include the trombone.

I kept on delaying this for months. I would only work on it when I had spare time (read: uni semester break). So all in all, this took more than a year (but realistically, it wouldn't have been more than 5 days  of painting!).

The perspective is a bit out of whack, but overall I'm very happy with it! Also, the lumpy bits in the background are from the painting underneath (I love painting over old and unsighlty works of mine haha). 

I think its really time to start an original work of my own.   Suggestions anyone?

Have a superb week :)


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